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Our Mission

What is my project?

To increase crosswalk safety for pedestrians, I am promoting traffic safety awareness and implementing smart signs at uncontrolled crosswalk intersections in local communities.  

What is the smart sign?

The smart sign is an affordable device that uses powerful flashing LEDs to alert motorists to pedestrians in the crosswalk. Similar devices can cost the city  tens of thousands dollars each, while my smart sign can be built for $200. RF technology connects the intersection call button and light, and our future goal is to automate the smart sign using AI and computer vision. 

Awareness Campaign and Project Implementation

Through a flyering campaign, presentation, and Back to School Night event, I led a group of Boy Scouts to advocate for traffic safety. After designing safety slogans signage to display around campus, we implemented a smart sign to increase crosswalk safety. During the pandemic, I continued improving the device and started investigating the AI application of the project. Finally in the summer of 2021 I was able to deliver the first set of signs to Ardenwood Elementary for them to be used in the coming school year.

How did you come up with this project/ Why do you think this is needed?

After interviewing crossing guards in 9th grade, I learned that the crosswalks around my local elementary school were not safe for students, pedestrians, or crossing guards. Implementing smart signs prevents bodily risk to crossing guards and increases safety for drivers and pedestrians.